Village Sign

Badingham celebrated their new village sign on Saturday 7th September 2013. The sign was commissioned in the Queens Diamond Jubilee Year of 2012. Badingham Parish Council were determined that a village sign should be in place, and that the Queens Jubilee Year should be the year to commission it. The Parish Council appointed local designer Simon Benton. Various contemporary designs were considered, the final agreement was made on a more traditional composition.

    Local blacksmith skills supported the design development which involved CNC forming and digital profiling, the result a successful mix of the two. Ultimate cutting edge technology can be found within the carefully designed plaque on the oak post, the QR coding ensures that with the appropriate App. access to Badingham Parish Council website happens within seconds.

    The sign depicts the village Church, St John the Baptist; an oak tree, which represents the prevalence of oak trees throughout the parish; a barn owl, regular sightings are enjoyed, thanks to a successful breeding programme in habitat within the village; and a wheat-sheaf which represents the traditional thatching straw grown in the village providing the industry with this special and historic raw material. The sign has been fabricated to be viewed from all sides and angles. Members of the community offered their skills and materials to provide the brick plinth and foundations.

    The Village Sign Ceremony was  officiated by Dr Dan Poulter MP and dedicated by Revd Jonathon Olanczuk, a celebration tea followed  at the village hall.