Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Badingham became a part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration Beacon lighting project on Monday June 4th 2012. The Parish Council organised an official beacon to be placed on the Church tower.  Her Majesty the Queen lit the diamond beacon in London which followed the synchronised lighting of beacons throughout the UK and Commonwealth.  The Badingham beacon was lit exactly at the time instructed by the PagentMaster who led the event. The Queen also lit her beacon exactly on time and the event created another point in history to mark the Celebration of the Queen's Jubilee. All the members of the community who joined in and witnessed this historic Badingham event enjoyed a very convivial night. After gathering at the White Horse Pub everyone processed to St John's to witness the beacon lighting. Cllr Foster ensured that the beacon was placed at the top of the tower, and the safe lighting of the beacon, the National Anthem was sung and the evening proved to be most memorable. The Queen will be presented with a book which recognises all the communities that took part in the beacon lighting event.