Parish Plan

The Parish Plan brochure gives extensive information about the village of Badingham and how those in Badingham feel about living in the village. 

Parish Plans are intended to help provide a blueprint for the future survival of rural communities. They set out a vision for how the community wants to develop and includes any social, environmental and economic issues, and also gives communities the opportunity to acknowledge the aspects of their community that they value and don't wish to change.  If the community has already demonstrated a view, this can be helpful in addressing planning  and other environmental issues.  The aim of Badingham Parish Plan is to identify the actions that could be taken forward by the Parish Council, the Community  Council, other groups and individuals or by statutory bodies and other service providers.

The Badingham Parish Plan 2007 brochure can be found using this link.

The Parish Plan 2007 remains alive by being reviewed and refreshed.  Questionnaire's were distributed and collected before the year end 2012.  The information received from the Village Questionnaire has been produced in a way that illustrates the data resulting from the Village Questionnaire. The Badingham Parish Plan 2013 brochure can be found using this link.

The Parish Council has adopted the 'Action Plan'. This consolidates the responses from the community and gives an Action Plan which should facilitate community awareness to enable members of the community to form groups/volunteers to follow through the aspirations expressed.