Parish Council Meetings are open to the press and public, they are held approximately monthly. 

An Agenda will be available, a minimum 3 days prior to the meeting date.

Date for next scheduled Ordinary Parish Council Meeting - Wednesday 10th January 2018 - Agenda


Guidance Notes for Press and Public when attending meetings.

The following accounting and governance documents can be opened by using the link attached:

Budget for year end 31.3.18

Internal Audit for year end 31.3.17

Spreadsheet for year end 31.3.17

Summary sheet for year end 31.3.17

Bank Reconciliation for year end 31.3.17

Audit Form year end 31.3.17

Ext Audit BDO Conclusion Notice

Grant Funding Policy and Application Form

Risk Assessment Document

Standing Orders

Financial Regulations

Councillors - Suffolk Code of Conduct

Freedom of Information Act


Latest Minutes

Following Transparency Act April 2015 Draft Minutes with Financial Statement to view