BADINGHAM PLAYSCHOOL has outgrown the space that it has at the Village Hall - the PlaySchool are now looking at options to build a stand alone bespoke PlaySchool building in the village. The PlaySchool have presented their plans to the Parish Council and enquiry to ask if it is possible to build their PlaySchool on Pocket Park. Pocket Park came into the ownership of the Parish Council as a Section 106 legal agreement attached to the building of New Leas. The conditions are that the Parish Council own and manage the land to ensure open green space for perpituity as a benefit for the community of Badingham, the management of the Park must always be under the control of the Parish Council. The Parish Council have legal obligations attached to this agreement and are seeking advice from SCDC legal team to understand if there could be the option of releasing a small amount of land on which to site a PlaySchool building before any further discussions or consideration can take place. Any decisions that the Parish Council make can only be as a whole membership, and this can only be within the formal business of a Parish Council Meeting, no one member can speak for the whole Parish Council. 

The presentation outlining the aspirations of the Play School follows:

Pocket Park

I was asked by Badingham  Playgroup to help with options for this well supported and excellent Playschool to be able to stay in Badingham and offer needed spaces for the children in our local area. 

I know I am not the only person in this village that has concluded that Pocket Park is under-utilised and in need of a new vision for its use and management, so as to benefit and to provide enjoyment for local residents generally. (This was very clearly concluded in the last Parish Plan survey). Running side by side with this ambition is the obligation that falls upon Badingham Parish Council via the Section 106 agreement that accompanied the New Lea development, to maintain and mange the park in perpetuity. 


I, like many of you have toiled with options of how we can keep our 44 year old Badingham Playschool functional and fit for the future within our village. We know that they have out grown the village hall facilities,  even with full consideration of recent plans for its redevelopment. The Playschool success story proves that Badingham has a fabulous future ahead of it as parents, both residential in the village and in our surrounding local area, choose to send their children to our village for what they know is excellent care. We as a village need to be proud of this. As the saying goes 'the children are our future'. I know Cllr Gillian Upton has in the past proposed the park would be excellent for the Playschool and I believe others on the Council agree with her. Plenty in the village also feel this way. My vision is to take it one step further forward than that and embrace the whole park for a future-proofing project that will fully meet its original purpose and become an asset residents of Badingham can be proud to have.

The Vision

Badingham Playschool is a charity that caters for children from 3 months to school age. It employs residents of Badingham, Dennington & Framlingham. It has children from our village and neighbouring villages. It also has children of children that have attended. My children have gone there and now our grandchildren attend. It's the starting point which forms a crucial part of shaping and making the future’s society. What better place for them to develop than in the heart of a lovely country village, surrounded by nature, with excellent teaching staff and a caring & sharing community? Pocket park is crying out to be home to them. I see that  225 sq.meters of the park would be better served as a beautiful timber one story purpose built building, built by local crafts men (some of whom are residents of Badingham). This building would ooze everything ‘Eco’, from sedum roofing to solar energy. It will embrace the best elements we can obtain for the highest quality of learning. A light and efficient, simple yet modern building that will blend into its surroundings to enhance this beautiful  space. This build will future-proof the Playschool we hope for the next 44 years of its existence. This is a generational legacy we can give to our village. It does not stop at the building; let's embrace the whole park. I have already been talking with pond experts on how we can make the pond more usable, exciting ideas of having a boat jetty, so pond dipping and wild life observation can take place. I have spoken with an ecologist to see if we can help increase species diversity. We have, returning to our village a degree graduate qualified in ecology starting up a business, embracing wild life and ecological activities into an alternative party activity for youngsters.  Hence this facility could be used for all ages and abilities. There a lovely emerging young woodland at Pocket Park. Would it not be great to see villagers get involved in its care, learn about the trees and hedges that we have from Suffolk Wildlife Trust members who live in the village; lets share and learn from them? Why can't we have a program of aiming to develop habitats for new plant species, maybe get native species re-established where they once flourished? Our existing orchard....a rather neglected concern currently, so why can't we have a new orchard with tree varieties that can embrace both the new breeds and some old?  Play area..... What do children get excited about these days?... the outdoors. With so many distractions online for 'easy' play, so why can't we have an exciting trail play, with real activities, embracing climbing....a woodland tree house perhaps, balance bars, a tree stump obstacle course, and general endurance activity. This main area of the park is a space I envisage villagers young and old can enjoy. It's never been big enough for a cricket or foot ball pitch so let's reinvent new play ideas. It's our space, 'use it or loss it' is a very true saying, so I say use it and let's get on with it and rally up support and enthusiasm. The community spirit in the village is exceptionally strong and I am being reminded of this on a daily basis in the village shop.  We need this project as much as the project needs us.

Finally......what about our village hall? .... Well this is part of the vision. Let's have our hall as our hall and let it be used for villagers as requested so heartily. But let's use the old Playschool play area for a commercial use. How about a bike repair and hire business. Let's concession this out so the rental money replaces some of the lost revenue from the Playschool. Then use the store cupboards and back rooms as rooms lets during the day for office space for businesses. Again generating income for the hall's up-keep and maintenance. The office spaces will provide a valuable facility for our work-from-home workers. The bike hire / repairs will add employment to the village and tourism to both our village shop and pub.

Tanya Newton


BADINGHAM YOUNG SHINING STAR AWARD -This Award has been established to recognise a young person living in Badingham, up to the age of 18, who has done something responsible and caring for the village and/or the people who live here.


Bob Foster, who dedicated many years and commitment to Badingham Parish Council proposed this award and hopes it will recognise a caring young person in the Village.

If any resident wishes to nominate a young person, they should contact Sonia Frost, Chair of the Parish Council with the details.

 Closing Date for nominations is 30th April, 2015.

All nominations will be considered by a Panel consisting of:

Bob Foster – Champion of the Award

Father Jonathan Olanczuck

Tim Barber – Parish Councillor 

This will be an annual Award which is presented at the Annual Parish Meeting on Friday 22nd May, 2015.


SCDC looks for suitable land on which new housing stock can be built. The Public will have a chance to be involved in the consultation which will start at the beginning of next year. The Local Plan adopted by SCDC holds all the information and Policies, also the Government 'National Planning Policy' document, all authority planning decisions must adhere to these adopted policies.  These documents can be found under 'Village' - Planning Policy Documents.


Your New County Councillor is Cllr Stephen Burroughes

Framlingham now has a local radio station which reaches local villages. Castle Radio station is now live to find out more visit their website

Badingham Residents Have Taken an Opportunity -

The Parish Plan Review Questionnaire gives the chance to have your say. The Parish Council have now received all the questionnaires that have been filled in and are grateful to all those who gave their time to complete them. The analysis will take place and the results will be published early next year.

If you should wish for more details, contact, Mrs Sue Piggott, Clerk to Badingham Parish Council – 01728 746622

















By Mrs Sue Piggott on April 25th, 2013

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