FLIGHT EXERCISES - Monday 18-22nd September 2017 - There will be flight exercises happening at Woodbridge Airfield from 18-22 September. This will involve night time training with aircraft and gunfire noise. The MOD apologise for any invonvenience caused. The flying complaints number is : 01780417558

HAVE YOUR SAY-Dog Control orders in Suffolk-Consultation - to take part follow link

VACANCIES for two Parish Councillors exists for Co-Option. If you would like further details contact the Parish Clerk in the first instance. To apply to the Parish Council to be considered to fill this Councillor vacancy, just send your application to the Parish Clerk.


SCDC looks for suitable land on which new housing stock can be built. The Public will have a chance to be involved in the consultation which will start at the beginning of next year. The Local Plan adopted by SCDC holds all the information and Policies, also the Government 'National Planning Policy' document, all authority planning decisions must adhere to these adopted policies.  These documents can be found under 'Village' - Planning Policy Documents.


Your New County Councillor is Cllr Stephen Burroughes

Framlingham now has a local radio station which reaches local villages. Castle Radio station is now live to find out more visit their website

Badingham Residents Have Taken an Opportunity -

The Parish Plan Review Questionnaire gives the chance to have your say. The Parish Council have now received all the questionnaires that have been filled in and are grateful to all those who gave their time to complete them. The analysis will take place and the results will be published early next year.

If you should wish for more details, contact, Mrs Sue Piggott, Clerk to Badingham Parish Council – 01728 746622

















By Mrs Sue Piggott on April 25th, 2013

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    FLIGHT EXERCISES - Monday 18-22nd September 2017 - There will be flight …

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